Sponsoring Families in Canada with the Help of Immigration Lawyers

If you have decided to apply for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in order to bring your loved ones to Canada, you will need to keep a lot of things in mind. For example, you will have to look after possible accommodation options for family members, employment options, language courses, and so on. Hiring Toronto immigration lawyers can help in reducing these tensions. As the immigration lawyer will take care of all paperwork related to your application.

Research has shown that immigrants who are willing to shift to Canada through Family Sponsorship  is regarded eligible, if they have a close relative who has obtained permanent resident or is a Canadian citizen and the relative is okay to sponsor them.

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What is Family Sponsorship?

Canada’s immigration laws contains various divisions like family sponsorship, skilled worker, etc under which intended immigrants can apply for Canadian permanent resident status. Under the IRPA, people who can be sponsored under the family class, include spouse, conjugal partner, grandparents, parents, and dependent children.

Eligibility for Becoming Sponsor

The sponsor must be 18 years and above.

The sponsor needs to be financially stable in order to sponsor a family member. They need to prove that they are financially capable to support the family members they are sponsoring.


Two-step process is usually involved in family class applications. First, it involves the assessment of the sponsorship application inside Canada. Secondly, it includes the assessment of the permanent residence application by the visa office outside Canada.

How Can The Immigration Lawyers Help?immigration lawyer toronto

Immigration lawyers can help their clients to apply for sponsorship. They will help clients to prove that they are not receiving any sort of benefits from the Government. Neither, they are bankrupt.

Immigration Canada requires a wide number of documents and references in order to prove the relation. If any crucial document gets missing from the application, the process can get delayed. There are rules for family class sponsorship. Along with that, there are various sponsorship processes for applications made from within Canada and outside Canada. If sponsorship is refused, appeals can be made, taking the help of an immigration lawyer.

Lawyers Help in Sponsorship Cases

Sponsoring a spouse or any other family member for Canadian residence can be a long process. Sometimes, it can also get a little bit complicated. Taking the help of an immigration lawyer, can help people to remain assured of the fact that, their application is processed correctly at the very first instance. This can help permanent residents of Canada to spend time with their loved ones very easily without worrying about immigration hassles.

Helps In Meeting Sponsorship Legal Criteria

In order to make a Canadian sponsorship application successful, you need to prove that the purpose of immigration is genuine. Therefore, sponsorship applications need to be carefully files. Toronto immigration lawyers can prepare applications and provide relevant information.

In case the visa office outside Canada rejects spousal immigration application, a sponsor has the right to make an appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). Immigration law firm can help clients in appealing and presenting the case in favor of clients.